Offset wave by first value

I'm trying to zero out a 1D wave by offsetting all of the elements by the first value of the wave.  I've tried a bunch of things and they all only change the first value.  Below are a few of the commands I've tried.  I feel like I'm missing something. Is the problem that after zeroing the first value it's subtracting zero from the rest of the elements?  I'm looking for something I can run from the command line, not something I'd put in a macro or function.

Make/N=10/D test_wave=5
test_wave = test_wave - test_wave[0]
test_wave = test_wave[p] - test_wave[0]


test_wave[0] is changed the first time through the loop and therefore is 0 for iterations 1 through 4.

For details execute:

DisplayHelpTopic "Don't Use the Destination Wave as a Source Wave"



Create a variable that holds the first value.

Make/N=10/D test_wave=5
Variable offset = test_wave[0]
test_wave -= offset


Andy and Larry, thanks for those solutions.  They gave me what I needed to solve my problem.