Programmatically handling of the "Missing Files/Folder" dialog

I'm in the process of mass processing a large number of PXPs.

In some of them there is a path used and a notebook opened which is not present on the PC anymore. That the notebook was still open on save was a bug which is solved already since ages. But of course we have old data.

The offending parts of the recreation macro are

NewPath MIES ":::Program Files:MIES:"
// ...
OpenNotebook/N=UserConfigNB/R/W=(5.25,44.75,705,500)/V=0/P=MIES "UserConfig.txt"

Is there a way to programmatically choose "Skip this Path"/"Skip this File"? I'm loading the experiments with

Execute/P/Q LOADFILE ...

Or can I execute some code before the experiment recreation macro is called and fake the path and file?


The only thing I can think of to avoid the dialog is to create a file or folder where it is expected.

If you don't know this a priori then I can not think of a way to avoid the dialog.