Raw versus regular PNG


I have some images that have been saved in raw PNG with a 16 bit depth. They came off a 12 bit monochrome camera. I had switched from regular png to raw to preserve the full precision of the data.

Previously I had saved the images as regular PNG files which are 8 bit by 3 color as it turns out.

I have another program now to further process the images and it does not understand the raw PNG format, though the regular png is fine.

To get the raw images into regular PNG is it just open and resave? They do not look quite right when I do that, they appear very dark. I think the PNG might be doing some other normalization.

What do I need to know to convert the images?
Hello Andy,

You should save your images as rpng if you want to maintain the dynamic range. If you save as regular png you will be able to open the image but it will be normalized to 8-bit range.

If your secondary program supports input from TIFF format I'd recommend that route.

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