RE. setdatafolder

I am playing with data folder reference with the following scripts and having trouble with the last commend "setdatafolder savedDF". The other one "setdatafolder path" worked fine. Reading the examples shown on Igor Manual V-761 did not give me an answer. Would appreciate your help. Thanks.

function datafolderreference ()
    newdatafolder/O output
    DFREF savedDF=getdatafolderDFR
    DFREF path=savedDF:trial1
    display  path:stimWave
    setdatafolder path
    setdatafolder savedDF    




Think you need parenthesis with the getdatafolderDFR

DFREF saveDFR = GetDataFolderDFR()

otherwise you are setting saveDFR to a data folder called "getdatafolderDFR".