reading symbols from a textwave?

Hi folks,

I have a scatter plot where each point represents a subject in an experiment.  Each subject has an identification number.  Is there any way to use those numbers (or letters) as markers for the plot?  I would like for subjects to be able to find the point on the graph that shows their data.   I was hoping there might be a way to use a textwave as a list of markers - is that possible?




Yes you can. Go to the modify trace and select markers as trace type.  In the pop for which marker to use, there is an option for text.

That brings up another dialog box and you can select wave and text wave as source.  Pick the appropriate text wave.

A trick for presentation is to use a second copy of the data wave with standard markers and then for the trace you modified with text labels offset it a bit to the right.  That way you have the point and the corresponding text.