Recreation macro for graph in panel


I have a graph that is embedded in a panel, and I would like to be able to make this into a stand-alone graph which I could manipulate further, and then print without the surrounding panel. My first idea was to use DoWindow to get the commands for recreate the graph:

DoWindow/R myPanel#myGraph

but I don't think DoWindow works on sub-windows. Is there another way to accomplish this short of getting a list of all waves in the graph and doing TraceInfo on them all to try to recreate the graph that way?

Thanks in advance.

This might give you some ideas:

Function Demo()
    KillWindow/Z DemoPanel
    NewPanel /N=DemoPanel /W=(191,58,820,419)
    Make/O jack=sin(x/8)
    Display/HOST=DemoPanel/N=GraphSubWindow jack
    DoUpdate /W=DemoPanel
    String commands = WinRecreation("DemoPanel#GraphSubWindow", 0)
    commands = ReplaceString("/HOST=#", commands, "")
    // Print commands
    Execute commands