Separated User Procedure Folder for x86 and x64 Igor 8


Sorry if I missed, but I couldn't find a separated User Procedure Folder for x86/x64 Igor Pro 8.
There are some procedure files which call XOPs with only 32-bit drivers, we probably want to avoid mixing them up with others general/x64 only procedures.

Is there a way to do so, if a separated folder isn't there?

There is no separate User Procedures folder for 32-bits versus 64-bits.

You do have separate "Igor Pro User Files" folders for different user accounts on a given machine.

For clarity, you may want to keep your 32-bit-only code in an appropriately-named subfolder in "User Procedures". This is just your convention - Igor will not enforce it.

You may be able to benefit from ifdefs. For example:

#ifdef IGOR64
  DoAlert 0, "This code runs with IGOR32 only"
  <32-bit code here>

For details on #ifdef, execute:

DisplayHelpTopic "Conditional Compilation"


Thanks for the hints, that would be helpful.

One more idea I came up with is that I could make another folder and keep the 32-bit only procedures in them, then use shortcuts in the actual user procedure folder, that way they are always separated, or just use a subfolder as you mentioned.