String Overwrite Command Line Error

If I define a string on the command line (string test = "a") and then try to overwrite it (string test = "b"), I get an error since the variable already exists. But the help for string says "If used on the command line, String is equivalent to String/G."

In a procedure,

function strchk()

string/g test1 = "a"
string/g test1 = "b"

print test1


does redefine test1.

Not a huge deal, just thought I'd point it out. They don't seem to be exactly equivalent.
Also, string/g on the command line does overwrite. So it's possible, maybe the documentation is just a little off.
It's the /G part that makes it OK to overwrite. This function:
function strchk()
string test1 = "a"
string test1 = "b"
print test1

won't compile. String and String/G on the command line both make global strings because there is no such thing as a local variable from the command line.

John Weeks
WaveMetrics, Inc.
My point was just that string and string/g act differently on the command line, since /g is able to overwrite. The documentation says that on the command line they're equivalent. It's not a very big deal, but I wanted to point it out.