Unable to add top graph to new layout

Dear all,

I am having some trouble while creating a layout...

This function:

Function CreateLayOut()

Display /K=1 /W=(34.8,42.2,430.2,372.8)
AppendImage proc_image
SetAxis/A/R left
ModifyGraph standoff=0;DelayUpdate
Label left "\\u#2";DelayUpdate
Label bottom "\\u#2"
ModifyGraph tick(left)=3
ModifyGraph tick=3
ModifyGraph noLabel=2

NewLayout /K=1 /W=(5,40,350,500)
String TopGraph = WinName(0,1)
AppendLayoutObject /F=1 /R=(70,90,520,420) graph TopGraph

... should add the top graph to a new layout, but there is only a blank graph added. Why?

Thanks in advance for any help :)


Solved it, a $ was missing...

AppendLayoutObject /F=1 /R=(70,90,520,420) graph $TopGraph