Vary number of decimal places for wavestats

Short question: Is it possible to increase the number of decimal places in results (in my particular case for V_sdev) of wavestats?

Does this help?

Make/N=(10) wData
wData[] = p
wavestats wData
print V_sdev
printf "%.15f\r", V_sdev


Print/D will also work well.

Print pi
Print/D pi


Thanks a lot, that helped!

Could I add a little more question about wavestats: What happens to the location outputs if there are multiple minima or maxima?

Why not try it?

Make/O wData = {0,0,1,0,1,0}
WaveStats wData
  V_npnts= 6; V_numNaNs= 0; V_numINFs= 0; V_avg= 0.333333;
  V_Sum= 2; V_sdev= 0.516398; V_sem= 0.210819; V_rms= 0.57735;
  V_adev= 0.444444; V_skew= 0.537914; V_kurt= -1.95833;
  V_minloc= 0; V_maxloc= 2; V_min= 0; V_max= 1; V_minRowLoc= 0;
  V_maxRowLoc= 2; V_startRow= 0; V_endRow= 5;

So it looks like it reports the location of the first instance (V_maxloc = 2).