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I got so used to simply pasting web link (https://...) anywhere now and click on it opening web browser on user computer, that I did not expect this not to work when I paste web link to notebook in Igor. Until user complained and I realized, I never tested it ;-)

When I paste a link in notebook in Igor and click on it, I get error: "The topic was not found after searching all Igor help files...". 

Is there way to add web link to notebook? Do I need to add NotebookAction and browseURL to the web address?

Should Igor handle common web links (http:. https:, ftp:. sftp:) automatically as web links and hand them off to system web application?  

Put the link in angle brackets, select the whole thing including the angle brackets, and choose Notebook->Make Help Link.

This works for http, https, and ftp. For anything else you need to create a notebook action that calls BrowseURL.

(This is covered in help topic "Creating Links".)


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Thanks lot! Works great.

I searched... "Creating links" is under "Creating your own help files".  I did not search that far, I stayed in "Notebook" area. Even though I know that help files are specially formatted Notebooks.