whether IGOR 6 is compatible with new MACOS Mojave???

I wonder whether to update or not. I am using IGOR 6 with neurotimatic


many thanks if anyone can tell

I don't want to sound like rude or make fun of the op but the questions sounds a bit like "Will Spotify work on my 1950-era radio?".

As far as I can tell, Igor 6 opens fine (and opens experiments) with Mojave, but I can't comment on how Neurotimatic plays with it.

FYI, my experience of updating yesterday was that initially the fonts in Igor on my late 2013 iMac looked absolutely horrible (heavy and fuzzy).  It affected graphs, the command line, and the data browser.  However, all look fine after restarting.  Apple has done something behind the scenes with font rendering on non-Retina displays, but frankly, after restarting I don't notice a difference.  So if you are initially dismayed by how Igor looks, you might try restarting.

I suggest you try saving an experiment and make sure this works. I was unable to save an experiment in Igor 6 on OS Sierra or High Sierra (can't recall which). I had already upgraded to Igor 7 (and now 8) but I was revising some code that a colleague was running using Igor 6. I lost half an hour of data analysis (nothing of vital importance) before I tried to save and learned Igor 6 could not save an experiment in that OS version. I think there is a workaround but in any case I suggest testing this before you rely on using Igor 6 on Mojave.

Our posts on 10.13 and 10.14 problems are at https://www.wavemetrics.com/news/igor-pro-mojave-macos-1014-support (Mojave) and https://www.wavemetrics.com/news/igor-pro-high-sierra-macos-1013-support (High Sierra). We no longer support Igor 6, so the Mojave post doesn't mention Igor 6. I briefly tried Igor 6 on Mojave and interestingly found that at least one bug present with IP 6 in High Sierra is fixed in Mojave.

I believe that the latest version of Neuromatic works with Igor 7 (and/or 8).