Igor Pro High Sierra (macOS 10.13) Support

WaveMetrics has discovered the following compatibility issues while testing Igor Pro 7.05 and Igor Pro 6.37 with macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). We recommend that you do your own testing on a separate partition before upgrading your main partition to macOS 10.13. Furthermore, you may want to remain on an older version of macOS if any of the issues identified below (or the workarounds to those issues) are insufficient for your purposes.

If you encounter any additional issues, please report them to support@wavemetrics.com. If you are using Igor Pro 7 or later, please use the Help→Contact Support menu item so that your system information is included in the message.

Please note that Igor Pro 6 is no longer maintained. Any issues discovered in Igor Pro 6 will not be fixed, though in some cases we may be able to develop workarounds. If you are using Igor Pro 6 and encounter any of the issues described below, we suggest that you upgrade to Igor Pro 8 or continue to run Igor Pro 6 on an older version of macOS.

We will update this post if further issues are discovered.



Versions affected: Igor Pro 6, Igor Pro 7.05 and 7.06 nightly builds before build 30285 (Sep. 27)


Saving a packed experiment containing a notebook will fail if the OS is installed on a drive formatted using the new APFS file system. The error message will mention that "logical end-of-file was reached unexpectedly". This error is caused by a change in behavior of macOS file system calls on disks using the APFS file system.


Igor Pro 7: Update to Igor Pro 7.08 (free) or buy an upgrade to Igor 8.

All versions: Save an unpacked experiment instead of a packed experiment, or use the File→Save Notebook As menu item to save the notebook as a separate file.


Versions affected: Igor Pro 6 only


The buttons at the bottom of procedure, notebook, and help windows (eg. Templates, Procedures, and Compile, Find, Search, and Go Back) are missing, as in the example below:


Upgrade to Igor Pro 8.




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