Which screen is Igor on with multiple screens (Windows)?

Can anyone help me here?
I am running Igor on Windows, and am trying to control the position of a new floating panel based on the current location of the Igor application window.
I can get and use the system variables V_left, V_top, V_right and V_bottom using:
GetWindow kwFrameOuter, wsizeDC
NewPanel/FLT/W=(V_left + 50, V_top + 50, V_left + 250, V_top + 150)

which works fine provided the application is not maximised on the screen, whereby the system variables all get assigned values of 2. In this case I can get the screen size using IgorInfo(0).

However, I can/am using multiple monitors...
I can detect how many screens are in use from:
Variable vNumScreens=NumberByKey("NSCREENS", IgorInfo(0))

and I can find the size of each screen from the "SCREENx" items returned from IgorInfo(0), but if the application is maximised I cannot find a way of determining which screen the igor application is maximised on.

Any ideas please?
Thank you,
You'll need to wait for a new feature in Igor 6.30: GetWindow kwFrameOuter wsizeRM will return the coordinates even while the frame is minimized or maximized.

--Jim Prouty
Software Engineer, WaveMetrics, Inc.