Asymmetric Gauss function (skewness) for MPF

Would it be possible for asymmetric Gaussian functions (Gaussian curves with a skew) to become part of the MultiPeak Fitting in the future? (Maybe with the possibility to define to which side the maximum is shifted.)

What exactly do you mean by that? There is an 'asymmetric' version of a Gaussian in the form of the Exponentially modified Gaussian (ExpModGauss) peak shape, and you can define left and right skew just fine by the ExpTau parameter. Do you mean a split Gaussian (different left and right widths) instead? If it is a widely-used peak shape it might appear in the official MultiPeak Fitting package in the future. Alternatively, if you want a specialized peak shape then it is actually not extremely difficult (only a bit ;) to add peak types yourself to the package.

I must have missed this function or misinterpreted it due to the peak preview. Thanks, ExpModGauss was exactly what I was looking for.