Automatic SI prefixes in axis labels

In an axis label, as well as the useful \u escape code, could we have a code to automatically insert the appropriate SI prefix?
For example instead of my graph being labelled in units of 10^3 Hz, it would be labelled in kHz. This is sometimes easier to read.
The code could be anything, but I would suggest \u#3.
If the X or Y scaling is properly set to the base unit (Hz, for example) then Igor does exactly that already.

For example, look at the results of executing these commands (which display x10^3)
Make/O/N=1024 response= exp(-((p-512)*(p-512))/500)
Display response
SetScale/P x 0,100,"", response

And then after setting the X units to "Hz":

SetScale/P x 0,100,"Hz", response

--Jim Prouty
Software Engineer, WaveMetrics, Inc.