Browse image wave

When you right click on a 1D trace in a graph window, you can select the Browse option to auto-navigate in the data browser to that wave. As far as I can tell, this isn't possible for images that are in an image plot, which would be very useful. Right now, you have to go into the 'Modify Image Appearance', 'Replace Wave', or 'Remove Wave' dialog just to find out what wave is being displayed as an image, and even then the full path to the wave is not directly displayed. 

On a similar note, it could be useful to be able to programmatically browse to a specific wave in the data browser--not just go to the wave's data folder, but to actually move the selection to that exact wave. For example, if I run a program that outputs a new wave that happens to live in a folder with a massive number of other waves, it would be useful to just tell the program to navigate to that wave instead of having to scroll through it or using the data browser filter. 

Hello Ben,

Your first paragraph sounds like a reasonable feature request. 

I think you can accomplish what you describe in the second paragraph using the ModifyBrowser command.  Suppose your wave is called "foo" and it is stored in a folder "root:Packages:folder1".  You would then execute:

modifybrowser setdatafolder="root:Packages:folder1",select="foo"

This will set the enclosing folder and select the wave.


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