define complex constants

This topic was referred to a long while ago, but I could find no further comment or discussion.

Please add the capability for (as an example):

Constant/C k_j = cmplx(0,1)


static Constant/C k_j = cmplx(0,1)

Right now, Igor gives an error for this construction. Any other suitable means of defining symbolic complex constants would be ok too.
While looking into it, I decided to go ahead and implement it like so:
Constant/C name= (real,imag)

For anyone with the IP7 Technology Preview, this will be in the next overnight build.

Larry Hutchinson

With all due respect, your first solution (for those of us forbidden to use IP7 by the powers that be) is even more cumbersome than typing cmplx(0,1) in the code :)
In IP6 I would use something like
Function/C GetConstant()
    return cmplx(1,2)

And then use GetConstant() as if it where just a constant.