[Feature Request] Peeking a function

Like in Visual Studio, I can peek into a function or parameter to see where they are defined.

Could something like this be implemented in Igor Pro?
This will be very helpful when I have multiple functions inside the same procedure file.


*miss-spelled peek

I think the closest thing Igor has to Visual Studio's Peak is the right-click and choose Go To ... We don't have that tool-tip-like window that shows you a code snippet in place.

You might also be interested in the Procedure Browser (Igor Pro 8).

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Thanks for the hint, I have been using GoTo quite often as a result.

Now with the "return" button on top this is quite convenient indeed, still it would have been great if the two set of codes can appear simultaneously; I fully understand it maybe difficult to implement without a significant change in the GUI.

Thank you for your understanding. We like to think we are mostly scientists writing scientific software, not code editors. On the other hand, making it convenient to edit Igor code helps our scientist customers, so we really do have to think about that. The Go Back arrow has been sorely needed for a long time!

We have had lots of requests for split-window editing. That would help- it would allow you to position one split to the part you're working on, and the other split to the part you want to refer to. But it would be a lot of work to implement.