Image Hide


It would be nice to have an option to hide image along the lines of traces. I am analyzing images and using false color overlays to encode various figures of merit with semitransparent color tables.  The current incarnation has a base monochrome image and three overlays.  I would like to easily hide one or more of the overlays.

Yes I can remove and add them back, but a simple hide command would be cleaner.


If your layers are all monochrome, you could set the image you want to hide to be in 'explicit' mode and set the color definitions to have alpha = 0. 

This will 'hide' the image (make fully transparent):

ModifyImage image1 explicit=1,eval={0,65535,65535,65535,0},eval={255,65535,65535,65535,0}

and resetting explicit mode to 0 will show the image again:

ModifyImage image1 explicit=0