Include Full Path in Reorder Traces Dialog

I don't know how feasible this would be, but it would be nice if the Reorder Traces dialog included the full paths for the Y and X traces, similar to what is already done in the Modify Trace Appearance dialog.  I occasionally have the same Y wave plotted against different X waves, and this would make reordering those traces much easier.  

You can hover the mouse cursor over one of the traces and a tooltip will pop up that shows the full path of the y wave or xy pair.

Thanks for that tip.  I think having the full trace path always shown would be a little nicer, but I can see how it would be a pain to code, and hovering the cursor over a trace name will probably be fine.  However, that behavior does not appear to be documented anywhere.  I didn't see anything about that when I clicked the Help button in the Reorder Traces dialog, and a quick search of the manual didn't being anything up.

The problem is that full wave paths, especially since we expanded the allowed number of characters, can easily get way too long for the field where they are displayed. There are a number of places where the full path is shown in a tooltip.

Let's not assume that wave paths are short. I have something like


quite often.

And the reorder traces dialog is about trace names, which may only coincide with the y wave name.

I think my comment about the field width may have been ambiguous. I meant that wave paths can be so long that it is not practical to make that field wide enough. These days, even just the wave name can be up to 255 characters, so we really can't make the field wide enough for every possible name.