Interpolate2 /FDS like flag or PCHIP spline interpolation method

I am interpolating large data sets from x,y pairs with unpredictable x intervals to evenly spaced x intervals and have noticed that some features (peaks) are severely reduced when doing so. I noticed a thread mentioning an undocumented /FDS flag for imageinterpolate that preserved the peak values when doing interpolation and am wondering if there is something similar planned for Interpolate2. Along the same lines, implementing piece-wise cubic hermetic polynomial interpolation (PCHIP) would serve the same purpose.

Is this feature planned, or does it already exist in undocumented form? I would be greatly appreciative in either case.
There is no /FDS or PCHIP in Interpolate2.

If you will post an experiment ore send it to WaveMetrics support showing your data and the Interpolate2 command you are using, I will add a ticket to our wish list.