More intelligent searches

I wish that Igor did a better job of prioritizing search results in the 'Search Igor Files' tab of the Help Browser ('Help Files' in the 'Igor Pro Folder' checkboxes are checked). As an example, when searching for "recreation macro", every single instance of that phrase is returned with no regard to how relevant it is. The first dozen results are all under the 'Gizmo' topic. Farther down the returned list are items that sound much more relevant called 'Topic: Data Folders and Window Recreation Macros'.

It would be nice to list those items first if the search string appears directly in the topic.

Thanks for your suggestion. I agree that sometimes the large number of search results can be overwhelming and make finding the relevant results difficult.

The search results are listed in the order they were found, as you probably figured out. In this particular case, if you check the "Topics and Subtopics Only" check box and only search in Help files, you should end up with about 5 search results, one of which is "Topic: Data Folders and Window Recreation Macros".

Thanks, somehow I've never seen that checkbox for searching "Topics and Subtopics Only". For other searches in which the term doesn't happen to be directly in a topic, I still think it could be useful to somehow prioritize the hits.

Sort of related, I sometimes get frustrated with the inflexibility of the displayHelpTopic command line command. I usually can't remember exactly the name of the topic, and then I have to open the search GUI to look for it. It would be nice if there was a (default) option to allow inexact titles and search terms instead of only exactly matching names. It could perhaps print the results to command line, where the user could left or right click to go to them or maybe bring up a dialog with results.

Perhaps a flag /I=i where:

i=0 gives the current functionality (exact match comes up only, error otherwise).

i=1 is default and it brings up the exact match or the best matching topic otherwise

i=2 brings up the exact match if there is one, or prints/prompts search results that lead to nearly matching topics.

i=3 prints/prompts search results that lead to nearly matching topics.

Maybe including an asterisk in the string parameter would always lead to a search too


Alternatively, maybe a new command like 'help <searchStr>' could be added with functionality like this.