More Values for Inhibit Ticks Function

Being able to only choose three specific values seems to be a bit simplistic.  I would like to be able to hide any specific ticks from my graphs.  Perhaps, rather than 3 separate fields, allow comma-separated values to be entered?

In addition, the reverse function would be useful.  I would like to be able to add any individual value as a tick and get it to show up on an axis, regardless of axis scaling/symmetry.

That's right- User Ticks from Waves gives you the ultimate control over the tick labels, including you to use non-numeric labels like "Fred" if you want to. In the Modify Axis dialog, Auto/Man Ticks tab, select User Ticks from Waves in the menu, then click the New from Auto Ticks button to get a starting point for your waves. Then you can edit those waves to add/remove/change any ticks and labels you want to.

The main drawback is that once you do this, Igor no longer changes the ticks if the axis range changes or your data values change.