Native netCDF creation

As per the subject, the ability to output netCDF files (3 or 4) directly would be great. 

netCDF-4 is based on HDF5. So in principle this already works as you can create HDF5 files from scratch in IP. For netCDF-3 only read support is currently there.


The HDF-5 tools in Igor will not allow you to make a CF compliant netCDF-4.


This tool from my colleague I know all about and have my own modified version to support the complex file structure and extra primitive data types available in netCDF-4 (which people are welcome to FYI). It was the author himself lamenting the lack of proper netCDF support that prompted me to post - I was twisting his arm about updating a 32-bit XOP to 64-bit - he was asking why he would move from IP6.37 for no change in useability in his circumstances. Especially with a 30 seat license and the inevitable "why aren't you doing it 'in python?", it's free! 

Forgive me, I might be reading your user name completely wrong, but in my head it parses to a name I recognise from a certain series of GeneralMacros out of NOAA I've been using versions of since the dark ages. If so I probably owe you!

A native tool would be a great addition to IP I think, even if currently if isn't holding me back personally. 


> The HDF-5 tools in Igor will not allow you to make a CF compliant netCDF-4.

Do you know what is missing in IP for being able to write netCDF-4 files as plain HDF5 files?

You are also speaking about an XOP. Is that available somewhere?



I don't recall the specific issue, and this might have changed since IP6. What I should have written is:

>"The HDF-5 tools in Igor did not seem to allow me to make a CF compliant netCDF-4." 

The XOP I was referring to isn't really related to netCDF, other than being used to generate some data that is output as netCDF. It isn't openly available and is unlikely to be of interest to anyone who doesn't also have an atmospheric research aircraft, or perhaps a cloud observatory on a mountain top. 

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Agreed, a native tool would be very useful and may help get Igor wider recognition and use since netCDF files are more easily dealt with in other code as you mention.

Yes, you are correct about the reference to General Macros code from NOAA! Glad you've found it to be useful.