Request Updates to PlayMovie and PlayMovieAction

I would like to have these commands added to the set to handle movies


width - The width of the movie window (in pixels or units set by I or M)
height - The height of the movie window (in pixels or units set by I or M)

Either of the two lengths can be designated with * to force a fixed aspect ratio.



- play a movie in a window located at left=20,top=10 with a width of 100 pixels with its natural aspect ratio

--> As it is now, videos from my 5 MPixel camera are opening in windows that are too large to view.


PlayMovieAction buffer=Nframes

buffer - This is only used in conjunction with the open= keyword as a designation of the number of frames to pre-load into memory. The frames are loaded starting from the current frame that was set by PlayMovieAction frame=f. The starting value is f = 0. The buffer is only incremented to start at a new value of f using a PlayMovieAction frame=f. Calls to work on movie frames address frames first within the buffer and then from external storage.


PlayMovieAction open=MyLifeStory, f=10, buffer=100

Opens the movie file MyLifeStory and buffers 100 frames starting at frame 10 (counting from zero).

--> As it is now, I am going to resort to opening videos in an external app, cropping the unneeded (calibration data at the) front and tail ends, exporting, and then importing the cropped video into Igor Pro. I would like to do much more directly within Igor Pro.