I make my figures using Igor's layouts, and there are many cases where I'd like to use layouts that I've made in two different pxps in the same figure. I realize I could just photoshop them into the same figure at the end, but it's easy to lose track of the underlying data that way. The size of the individual pxps precludes merging them. 

SaveGraphCopy is perfect for extracting single graphs, but a similar function that puts an entire layouts worth of graphs into one pxp would be even more useful. Saving each graph individually and pulling those waves into a common pxp seems pretty tedious, and I'd also have to keep track of the graph macros for each to rebuild them.

It sounds like potential naming conflicts have been a reason to prevent SaveGraphCopy or SaveData from appending data onto existing pxps, but if that data is all coming from the same experiment file in the first place, it seems like it wouldn't be as much of an issue.  

I have added this to our wish list.

SaveGraphCopy is pretty close to sorcery so SaveLayoutCopy will be pretty difficult but, perhaps, possible.