Set current data folder by typing path into IGOR7 Data Browser

As someone using both GUIs and the command line, it'd be nice to type a desired current data folder directly into the field already displaying the path in IGOR7's data browser (see attached image).

I could imagine hitting "enter" to accept the path, and having IGOR check if valid. If invalid, could simply revert to the original value.
Then could also click the little green arrow to set the Data Browser display to the new Current Data Folder, or optionally not click the arrow and just leave the display the same.

[i do know about SetDataFolder and also even ModifyBrowser setdatafolder=GetDataFolder(1), but c'mon it is a *wish* list! ;-) ]
Try "cd " on the command line. That does the same as SetDataFolder but is quite a bit shorter to type.