Suppress compilation when leaving a procedure file window

I would like to be able to hold down shift or some other keyboard modifier in order to suppress compilation while leaving a procedure file window. I would be delighted if there's already a way to "escape" the procedure file window in this way, and I am just not aware.

If my code is compilable at the time I exit, there's a slight pause while compilation occurs (at least when working with a lot of code). If my code is not compilable, I have to say ok to a popup warning. I'd like to be able to avoid both.

Igor seems capable of handling this change because I am free to come and go from the procedure file window when my code is not compilable and I've already said ok to the popup. 

It's sometimes very useful to be able to move freely between procedure file windows and other windows. For example, sometimes I need to go find the name of a dimensional label that my code is going to use.

You can turn off Auto Compile. To do this, procedures need to be in an uncompiled state. Then uncheck the Macros->Auto-compile menu item.