Wave Row initialization

It took me a while to stumble on the syntax for filling a wave row with values:

wColors[0][] = {{0},{1},{1},{2}}

The manual shows only the simple case for a one column wave:

wave0 = {1, 3, 5}

Perhaps the manual could include a 2D or 3D example in Chapter 2 (waves).  In the IP8 manual lists are briefly discussed on page II-73.

As always, I may have missed something. 

If this is missing from the manual it would be a good idea to add it. 

In general, I use the following approach to figure out the format:

make/o/n=(1,5) ddd=q
print ddd
  ddd[0][0]= {{0},{1},{2},{3},{4}}


In reply to by Igor

The difficulty for me was realizing that the curly braces continued to server as list indicators for the "inner" lists.  I tried many permutations before arriving at what now seems to be the obvious answer!