Igor 6.20B04 released, with 64-bits on Windows!

The now-available fourth public beta of Igor 6.2 is mostly a bug-fix version.

We have, however modernized the now-threadsafe FTPDownload and FTPUpload operations using libcurl, improved the Gizmo Procedures and XOP, and updated the Waves Average panel.

As always, choose "Updates for Igor" from Igor's help menu to point your web browser to the download links, or use the direct links below.

-- Jim "How does it work?" Prouty


Direct links to downloads:

MACINTOSH (32-bit)

This is a Mac installer for a complete new Igor Pro 6.2 Folder (doesn't matter what you have installed already):


WINDOWS (32-bit)

This is a Windows 32-bit updater to your installed Igor 6.10 or later:


WINDOWS (64-bit)

You must install IGOR32 version 6.20B04 before installing IGOR64, because the IGOR64 installer adds only 64-bit Igor64.exe and XOPs into the IGOR32 folder.
So install Igor 6.1 32-bit, update it to 6.20B04 using WinUpdateToIgorPro6.20Beta.exe, then run the 64-bit updater:


Before you run IGOR64, read the relevant ReadMe file to understand issues involved with IGOR64, available here:



IGOR 6.20B04 Revision Notes



Dialogs with a Cursors button and edit boxes now support all cursor names (A-J), pcsr, qcsr (even with a specified graph name), and numeric expressions.

FTPDownload and FTPUpload can now be called in ThreadSafe Functions.


Evaluating GetRTError(1) in The Debugger no longer clears the error. Runtime errors generated by the Debugger's Expressions Pane or text selection are cleared, and now the value of the expression is set to any error message.

Rewrote FTPDownload and FTPUpload operations. For both operations, the /B flag has been removed. The /N, /T, /S, and /V flags now work correctly on both platforms. For FTPUpload, you can now use the /D flag to upload a directory containing sub-directories. Previously this had been broken on the Macintosh.


Fixed dialog problem involving customization at point zero.

Fixed bug where dest= w[a](b) would not compile.

Fixed problem where graph window background color intrudes past axes if plot area not colored (pure white) and axis standoff is on.

Fixed xcsr when complex trace using cmplxMode.

In certain lists in dialogs, when an error frame is in place, editing the last, partially visible row could result in an infinite loop of scrolling the error cell into view, then scrolling the edit cell into view. Known case was in the Rename dialog.

The Optimize operation would crash if /R={} had the wrong number of values in the list. This could be the result of using /R={wave} by mistake.

Fixed some problems with Waterfall Plots and f(z) trace colors when the f(z) wave and waterfall data wave had same number of rows and columns.

Fixed bug in generation of custom date format command in Modify Axis dialog if all components were None except for one.


Documented the previously experimental History Archive feature.


In the Interpolate XOP, the /J=1 and /J=2 flags will not add end nodes if this would create duplicate or near-duplicate X values.

Bug fixes to the Gizmo XOP.


Rewrote Waves Average panel to work with unequal wave lengths and XY data.

Fixed bug in Multipeak Fit 2.ipf: If you re-used a previous set, it would wipe out all the baseline coefficients except the first.

Bug fixes to Gizmo Procedures.


Added "Slow Data Acq" demo experiment to Examples/Programming.

libcurl is statically linked on both platforms. For now it is built with support only for the ftp protocol.