Igor 6.30B01 Public Beta Released

We've made enough changes to Igor in since 6.22A was released May 2011 that Igor 6.30B01 is a "public beta" release.

Please let us know of any problems you encounter at support@wavemetrics.com to get the quickest reply (replies to this topic are not checked as often).

We've added some new operations (ImageFromXY, AdoptFiles) and packages (Batch Curve Fitting, Color Table Control), changed some Igor behaviors, and fixed some important bugs in dialogs. All changes from preceding "nightly builds" have been incorporated.

For a detailed list of bug fixes and changes, see:


IGOR Pro 6.30B01 is a free update to licensed users of the English version IGOR Pro 6.0 and later.

As always, choose "Updates for Igor" from Igor's help menu to find the best installer for the version you are running, or use the direct links below.

This beta is being made available as an installer on both Macintosh and Windows.

• Macintosh users of IGOR Pro 6 should download the IGOR Pro 6.30B01 installer:


• Windows users of IGOR Pro 6 should download the IGOR Pro 6.30B01 installer after uninstalling IGOR Pro:


• Windows users who wish to run the 64-bit beta version of Igor (also 6.30B01) should see this page for instructions and the 64-bit updater download link:

http://www.wavemetrics.net/Updaters/ReadMe (64-bit).html

I recommend trying the beta especially for people who have written an Igor package for use by non-programmers. This will help us make sure that we have not inadvertently created problems for such users.