IGOR 6.30B03 Public Beta Released

We are nearly ready to ship Igor 6.30 Release but before we do that were releasing a 6.30B03 Public Beta as a final quality control test and to verify that some recent changes do not cause serious problems. Please see the summary of changed behavior below.

Please let us know of any problems you encounter at support@wavemetrics.com to get the quickest reply (replies to this topic are not checked as often).

Changed Behavior Summary

1. #pragma rtGlobals=3 is now the default for new procedure files

As of IGOR Pro 6.30, rtGlobals=3 is the default for new procedure files. This includes the built-in procedure window of a new experiment. Previously the default was rtGlobals=1.

rtGlobals=3 will catch more user programming errors, both compile time and run time, but may require more work on the part of an Igor programmer. This change should not affect the causal non-programmer user of Igor.

This change does not affect existing procedure files or experiments, nor does it apply to code within Macros or Procs.

2. Wave assignment statement change

As of Igor Pro 6.30, with #pragma rtGlobals=3 in effect, code of the form:

wave[index] = expression_using_p_or_x

in a user-defined function generates a compile error if index is a variable.

This change was made because this type of code did not behave as expected.

For example, this now generates a compile error:

#pragma rtGlobals=3
Variable index = 33
wave0[index]= wave1[p]

With #pragma rtGlobals=1 in effect such code generates a warning printed in the history area rather than an error.

To fix the error, remove p (and q, r, s, x, y, z, and t as well) from the right hand side expression:

wave0[index]= wave1[index]

For details, after installing the IP 6.30B03 beta, execute:

DisplayHelpTopic "P or X used outside of a wave assignment loop"

Changed Behavior Details

For a detailed list of bug fixes and changes, see:



IGOR Pro 6.30B03 is a free update to licensed users of the English version IGOR Pro 6.0 and later.

IGOR Pro 6.3 will accept the same serial number and activation key as Igor 6.0, 6.1, or 6.2. On Windows, you will most likely need to reenter the serial number and activation key after uninstalling.

As always, choose "Updates for Igor" from Igor's help menu to find the best installer for the version you are running, or use the direct links below.

This beta is being made available as an installer on both Macintosh and Windows.

• Macintosh users of IGOR Pro 6 should download the IGOR Pro 6.30B03 installer:


• Windows users of IGOR Pro 6 should download the IGOR Pro 6.30B03 installer after uninstalling IGOR Pro:


• Windows users who wish to run the 64-bit beta version of Igor (also 6.30B03) should see this page for instructions and the 64-bit updater download link:

http://www.wavemetrics.net/Updaters/ReadMe (64-bit).html