Igor Pro bindings for TANGO Control System



Hi all,

Just want to let you know that an Igor Pro binding is available for the TANGO Control System.

A few words about TANGO…

TANGO is an object oriented distributed control system using CORBA and is being actively developed as a collaborative effort between several synchrotron institutes. The object model in TANGO supports methods, attributes and properties. In TANGO all objects are representations of devices. The devices can run on the same computer or distributed over computers interconnected by a network. The network communication is based on CORBA. Communication can be synchronous, asynchronous or event driven. Configuration data is stored in a database. On the server side, programming support is provided for C++, Java and Python under Linux, Windows and Solaris. Clients can be written in all three languages as well as using several commercial products - including Igor Pro. For more information, visit our “pink” website at: http://www.tango-controls.org/downloads/

About the binding package…

The Igor Pro package for TANGO contains an XOP and several procedures (including a code generator and a tutorial). It provides the user with a generic access to any server running into the control system. Thanks to Igor’s built-in features and programming capability, it becomes straightforward to write fast and powerful TANGO clients.



Igor Pro binding for the TANGO Control System

The latest release of the Tango binding for Igor Pro 6.x is available for download.
New features include an "ipf" code generator - written in pure Igor language. User friendly multi-threaded monitors are also part of this release.
Binary distributions are provided for both MacOS X 10.5 (Leopard) and Windows (2K/XP/Vista).
See our "pink site" download page for details: http://www.tango-controls.org/downloads/

I'm glad to see that the program works for Linux and Mac. I'm a Linux fan myself but it's always better to have options. By the way, who uses C++ anymore? It's all Java now...
Eddie Petosa - custom servers programmer.