Project and Issue improvements

As of today, we are pleased to announce a few tweaks we've made to our project download pages and issue tracking. If you maintain a project on please see below for details on how these changes might affect you.

The biggest change all users will notice is that the download tables for projects are now better organized and more user friendly. Releases that the developer recommends now have a green background and are clearly marked as the recommended release. Releases that a developer supports but which are not recommended (as might be the case for an older version of a package) have a yellow background and marked as supported. Unsupported releases of a project are no longer displayed on the download table. Development snapshots, which are releases that are automatically packaged from code checked into the subversion repository, are displayed on a gray background. Next to each release is a small question mark icon; users can click on this and a window will pop up that contains more detailed information on the different release types.

New release download table

In addition to improved download tables, the issue queues for each project now run using more robust code. One nice advantage is that it's now possible to have the comment form for an issue on the same page as the issue itself. One final change is that the code which handles commits to the subversion repository has been heavily refactored. Users (hopefully) won't notice any differences in the new code, but on the back end the new code contains better logging mechanisms so if you do report any bugs we should be able to track them down better.

If you are a maintainer of any projects on, you may want to click the "Administer releases" link that should be just below the download table on every project's home page. Note that this link will only exist on projects you own. After clicking that link you'll be able to set which versions of your project are supported, recommended, and control whether or not development snapshots should appear for your project (this only has an effect if you're using Subversion and the repository). There's a documentation page with a bit more information on what all of these settings mean if you need help.

During the upgrade we had to make some best guesses as to what you would want for each of your projects, but we might not have guessed correctly in some cases. So please feel free to tweak those settings as you see fit.

As usual, if you run into any difficulties, bugs, or have questions or suggestions please let us know.
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