Keyboard responsiveness problem

In a particular experiment file, which i previously used without problems, the keyboard recently became sluggish when i type in a procedure file. If I type at normal speed, 1 character every 4-6 is not registered. If I slow down and press each key for half a second or so, everything is fine.

This occurs on 2 separate computers. It occurs in another procedure files that is linked to the same experiment. It does not occur when i type in the command line of the Command window of the experiment file.

The same procedure file does not have this problem when edited as part of another experiment file.

The problem stopped after I closed all graph windows and removed 83 out of 85 data folders.

Running Igor 8.02, build 32405, in Mac OS 10 High Sierra.

Any suggestions?

The problem experiment file and two attached procedure files are available here:


If the experiment has lots of waves or other global objects (typically 100,000 or more) then you may be running into a known problem. To test, open the Misc->Miscellaneous Settings dialog. Select the Text Editing category, then the Editor Behavior tab. Uncheck "Show Navigation Bar" and click Save Settings. Also, make sure that the Procedure Browser is not open. If that doesn't solve the problem, try disabling code completion. Open the same dialog again and this time select the Completion tab. Uncheck both the "Enable Command Line Completion" and "Enable Procedure Window Completion" checkboxes and click Save Settings. I don't think completion is the problem here but it doesn't hurt to confirm that.

If disabling the navigation bar fixes the problem, you can either keep it disabled or you can try reducing the number of waves and other objects in the experiment. Prior to Igor 8, Igor would have been practically unusable for other reasons well before you got to the point that the navigation bar became slow when typing, so this wan't a problem prior to Igor 8. Unfortunately, this wasn't something we thought to test before we released Igor 8. I have fixed this problem for Igor 9, but that required some major changes that would be unwise to introduce in Igor 8.

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Thank you for the immediate response! Removing the Navigation Bar seems to have taken care of the problem. Glad to hear igor 9 will address this: the Navigation Bar in procedure window is very useful.

Thank you for solving this problem.


​I just committed the changes I had made earlier in Igor 9 to Igor 8. This should essentially eliminate any lag, even with the navigation bar and/or procedure browser open.

Assuming that none of our automated tests fail, the build should be available at in about 2 hours. As long as the build is listed as being after December 20, 2018 at 2:30 PM, the build will contain these changes.

Please let me know if you still experience the problem using this new version.