RSS feeds for forums on


I used to have RSS feeds from the forums (fora?) on igorexchange. Is it possible to get a similar feed from the forums now they've moved to

I'm still hooked on RSS for many sites even though it's old tech, but feel free to tell me some other way to get alerts about new posts.


I have created an RSS feed for activity on all content on the site (not just the forums) at

We are still working the kinks out of It doesn't work like the equivalent page on worked, and that's at least partially due to changes in Drupal from version 5 to 8. We also are investigating how we can allow users to get email notifications for forum topics in which they have participated. I know I've been promising that in the future for about 10 years now, but hopefully this will actually happen sometime soon now.

If that feed isn't what you're looking for, please be more specific about what exactly you want.