Igor Pro 7.04 Released

A new release of Igor Pro 7 is now available for all platforms. A list of notable changes for this release is included below. Go to the Downloads page or select the Help→Updates for Igor Pro menu item within Igor Pro 7 to get the latest release. If you've reported an issue to us and we've told you it's been fixed, the fix will be included in this release, even if it's not mentioned below. 

Macintosh users: When you drag the Igor Pro 7 Folder from the new installer into your Applications folder, the OS may ask you whether you want to merge the folders or replace the existing folder. You should select "Replace".

Notable Changes in Igor Pro 7.04

Please see the Igor Pro 7.03 Beta 1 release announcement for a list of changes made prior to release of the beta. In addition, the following changes were made after the last beta was released:



Windows: PutScrapText now generates an error when the clipboard can't be opened. This typically only happens on Windows when the clipboard's contents are set again and again within a tight loop and another application that monitors the clipboard, such as a VNC or remote desktop client, or clipboard monitoring application, is running. Previously PutScrapText would have silently failed in these situations. If you suddenly see this error from within Igor procedures, you may need to add a brief sleep, such as "Sleep/T=1", after your call to PutScrapText. This brief sleep will give applications that monitor the clipboard the chance to inspect the new contents of the clipboard.


  • WaveCRC produces repeatable values for text waves, fixing a bug introduced in Igor 7.00. 
  • Scrolling a procedure window from the end to the start using the Home key no longer leaves a blank strip down the left margin of the window.
  • When contour fills aren't being shown, no fill warnings are generated.
  • Corrected the order of saving a recreation macro and calling the window hook function for the "kill" event. With the fix, Igor saves the recreation macro first and then the window hook function. This fixes the problem of incorrect Polar Graph recreation macros for Igor 7.
  • The "renamed" window hook event is no longer sent when running a window recreation macro that contains subwindows.
  • ProcedureText no longer finds the wrong window when multiple procedure windows have the same name but are in different independent modules. If no independent module name is specified in the window name ("Proc0.ipf [imName]", for example) the currently running independent module is presumed. (This scenario is relevant when a procedure file is included by both the main procedure window and also by a procedure file in an independent module.)
  • Added workaround for Windows MySQL/ODBC bug that caused a crash if you used the /PVAR flag of the SQLHighLevelOp operation.
  • Fixed Table Find dialog when searching for date or date/time.
  • Fixed text encoding issue if you saved a graph containing characters that require Unicode using Save Graph Copy.
  • Windows: Copying windows using SVG format now generates clipboard content that can be pasted into the latest versions of Microsoft Office products, which now support SVG.
  • Legends using excessive Min Symbol Thickness no longer disappear.
  • Windows: Fixed problems with menu bar not updating correctly, which could sometimes result in a crash.


  • FunctionProfiling.ipf works better with independent modules.




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