Igor Pro 7.07日本語版がリリースされました (Igor Pro 7.07 Japanese Released)

Igor Pro 7 の新バージョンがリリースされました。すべてのプラットフォームに対応しています。 最新版を入手するには、ダウンロード ページに移動するか、Igor Pro 7 のメニューから [ヘルプ] → [Igor Proの更新] を選択します。 

Macintoshユーザーの場合: 新しいインストーラから Igor Pro 7 FolderをApplicationsフォルダにドラッグするとき、新しいフォルダに統合するか、既存のフォルダを置き換えるか確認するメッセージが表示されることがあります。 その場合は、[置き換える] を選択してください。

Igor Pro 7.07J での主な変更点



  • Dramatically increased the speed of loading Excel .xlsx files containing very large numbers of strings.


  • Addressed incorrect handling of comma and semicolon when double-clicking just before the comma in "123,456,789" and "123;456;789;" or when option-right-arrowing or option-left-arrowing in such text.
  • Windows: Fixed Window Tiling/Stacking Area dialog when Igor's MDI frame window is positioned on a secondary display.
  • Fixed setting of the "from cell" and "to cell" vallues in the XLLoadWave dialog when changing the selected worksheet.
  • Fixed Find Text in Multiple Windows dialog to allow searching for case variations of the same word (eg. "wave" and "WAVE").
  • Fixed initialization of Y axis coordinate system control in Draw dialog.
  • Windows: In Igor Pro 7.00 through 7.06, if an ActiveX client launched an Igor instance, a crash would occur if the client called an Igor method before Igor finished initializing. Now the client call to CreateObject (Basic) or CoCreateInstance (C++) will not return until Igor has finished initializing.
  • Windows: The errorMsg output from the ActiveX Server Execute2 method was broken in Igor Pro 7.00 through 7.06. It now works.
  • Windows: The history output from the ActiveX Server Execute2 method was broken in Igor Pro 7.00 through 7.06. It now works.
  • Fixed an infinite loop in the Notebook Action dialog if you clicked the Generate LoadFile Command and then chose a file outside of the Igor Pro folder.
  • Fixed handling NaN values when using ImageThreshold with a threshold wave.
  • Changed increments on the profile width spin-box in Image Line Profile dialog.




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