Igor Pro 8.02 Released

A new release of Igor Pro 8 is now available for all platforms. A list of notable changes for this release is included below. Go to the Downloads page or select the Help→Updates for Igor Pro menu item within Igor Pro 8 to get the latest release. If you've reported an issue to us and we've told you it's been fixed, the fix will be included in this release, even if it's not mentioned below. 

Macintosh users: When you drag the Igor Pro 8 Folder from the new installer into your Applications folder, the OS may ask you whether you want to merge the folders or replace the existing folder. You should select "Replace".

Notable Changes in Igor Pro 8.02



  • Fixed Step Over action in Debugger to work correctly.
  • Fixed bug in Curve Fit Dialog: Normal user-defined fit functions had "f(x,)" (note the extra comma).
  • Fixed control drawing bug: A control that depends on a global variable or string (like a TitleBox control) would redraw infinitely if the control's boundary fell partly outside the containing window.
  • Fixed bug in Window Hook functions: a hook function on a panel with a notebook subwindow received mouseDown events but not mouseUp events.
  • In Igor 7, error bar drawing was changed such that error bars were drawn even for data points that were not drawn because they were outside the axis range. That caused error bars in sparse markers mode to be out of sync with the data points. Now, only when sparse markers is in effect, the original error bar mode has been restored.




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