Solution for Igor Pro 7 Windows File Open/Save Dialog Crashes

Several users have reported crashes on Windows while using Igor Pro 7 (64-bit). These crashes occur when a system file open or file save dialog is presented, such as when using any of the File→Open or File→Save menu items. The crash could also occur when any built-in command that presents such a dialog, including Open or LoadWave, is called.

This crash is caused by an interaction between Igor Pro 7 and the Dell Backup and Recoveryapplication, which comes pre-installed on many Dell machines.

If you are not using the Dell Backup and Recovery application (in our experience, this is usually the case), we recommend that you uninstall Dell Backup and Recovery and then reboot your machine.

If you are using the Dell Backup and Recovery application, you may be able to continue using the application with Igor Pro 7 if you disable two extensions that Dell Backup and Recovery adds that cause the crash. To do that, download ShellExView from NirSoft. Run ShellExView and disable the following extensions:

  • DBROverlayIconBackuped.DBROverlayIconBackuped Class
  • DBROverlayIconNotBackuped.DBROverlayIconNotBackuped Class

Then reboot your machine.

We have not tested different versions of Dell Backup and Recovery to determine whether this problem is present in all versions or only certain versions.




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