LoadImage fails when using /RAT option

Hello all:

I'd like to load images using the LoadImage command. Additionally I'd like to extract the exif-information from each jpeg image loaded (filter is set, so there are just jpegs).

If I'm loading files using this

ImageLoad /Q /T=jpeg fileToLoad

all files are loaded into the current data folder - like expected

To read exif-tags I added the /RAT Option

ImageLoad /RAT /Q /T=jpeg fileToLoad

If I'm loading a 500kb jpeg Igor gives an error that some wave size exceeded (picture attached).

I'm running Igor 8.02 on MacOS 10.14.2

total size of wave can't exceed 2GB (Igor32) or 20GB (Igor64)

I haven't tried to duplicate this behavior, however, the /RAT flag is intended to read tags in a TIFF file.  Perhaps this indicates that the ImageLoad operation should be checking for this inappropriate use of the flag.


thank you for your comment but this is not true - according to the manual. It should work using tiff files as well as jpegs.

I've added a screenshot of the manual for your information - or I'm completely misunderstanding ... might be true, too.


It is difficult to determine what is going on here.  I suggest that you send a copy of the JPEG file and the command that you are using to support@wavemetrics.com.



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