NeuroTools: an interface for flexible data organization and analysis

NeuroTools provides an interface for efficiently navigating, organizing, and performing analysis routines on large data sets.

At its core, NeuroTools is an alternative data browser that allows users to define, save, and recall 'Data Sets' using powerful wave matching tools. 'Data Sets' are filtered lists of wave paths that can be recalled at will for arbitrary analysis routines. Data Sets can be organized and divided in various ways, so as to run batches of waves through a function separately.

While NeuroTools provides a suite of built in basic functions, an 'External Functions' module allows the user to easily import their own functions into NeuroTools, allowing them to use Data Sets with their own functions. 

NeuroTools was originally written with electrophysiological and functional imaging data in mind, but is now developed as a fairly general purpose analysis suite. Many of the data organization concepts in NeuroTools were inspired by previous work by Dr. W. Rowland Taylor and Dr. Rob Smith.

Put the .ipf files in the 'User Procedures' folder, and put the NT_Loader.ipf in the 'Igor Procedures' folder. To open NeuroTools, navigate to the 'Analysis:Packages' menu, and select Load_NeuroTools. 

*To access available functions, click the vertical bar in the center of the GUI to collapse and expand the Parameters panel.

Project Details

Current Project Release

Version: NeuroTools v1
Version Date: Wed, 03/11/2020 - 03:11 pm
Release Link:
OS Compatibility: Windows Mac-Intel
Release Notes:

Major refactoring from Analysis Tools original code. Much cleaner, less buggy, and more functionality. 

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