Analysis Tools: an interface for flexible data organization and analysis

Analysis Tools (AT) provides an interface for efficiently navigating, organizing, and performing analysis routines on large data sets. AT at its core is an alternative data browser that allows users to define 'Data Sets' using powerful wave matching tools. Data sets can be recalled for use with all in-built functions, as well as with a custom command line tool for arbitrary batch commands. 

One of the defining features of AT is its ability to organize Data Sets into arbitrary subsets of data that are each run through analysis commands separately. For instance, if I had 3 sets of 10 waves, and wanted to run a routine on each set of 10 separately, I could do this with a single command by organizing the data set accordingly. AT takes special advantage of underscore-based wave names (e.g. wave_1_avg) for organizing data sets, but it can also organize by more general schemes.

An external functions module allows the user to easily import their own functions into AT, allowing them to use Data Sets with their own functions. Inspired by previous work by Rowland Taylor and Rob Smith.

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