Image Tools


This package is presented as a way for users to load, display, and print out summary views from sets of TIFF images without needing to write code.


Once installed, the package is accessible from the Packages->Panels->Image Tools menu.

The displayed content is divided as three frames.

  • An image display window shows the currently active image
  • A histogram display pane shows histograms below the image being displayed.
  • Operation of the package is done using inputs on a control panel.

Main Tab

Load TIFF(s)
  • Load a single image, multiple images, a folder of images, or a selection of images from a stack.
  • Choose to keep the source (or not), to extract any one or all of the RGB channels, and/or to create a grayscale image.
Image Display
  • Step through images that are loaded as sets using buttons to advance or go backward in the loaded sets.
  • See the image size (pixels)
  • View/Add notes to an image file (wave).
Histogram Display
  • See the histogram on linear and log scales as well as the cumulative and derivative histograms.
  • Hide the histogram frame when desired.
  • Scale the derivative histogram to search for positions of zero crossings (peaks in histogram).
  • Select a region of interest (RoI) to show the histograms.
  • Lock the RoI to continue using the selection tool on the image.
Contact Print
  • Choose one or more images to assemble to make a contact print layout with or without the histogram.

Future Plans

The objective is to add tools (tabs) sequentially to the control panel to allow a user to calibrate xy scales, perform thresholding, and extract line profiles on one image or across the sets of loaded images.


Project Details

Current Project Release


Release File:
Version Date: Fri, 04/06/2018 - 03:11 pm
Release Notes:

Squashed Bugs

  • left/right buttons now appear enabled or disabled properly
  • fixed improper display of image moving forward with arrow key to new folder with new image
  • fixed miscount of contact prints at removal

Added Features / UI Changes

  • version number on panel
  • size and notes on panel
  • changed layout of tab0
  • added notes field for contact print
  • notes on images print on contact print

Improved Code

  • keep make contact print button and clear contact print button disabled unless at least one contact print image is stored
  • rename functions with prefixes (to help sort them)
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