Image Tools


This package is presented as a way for users to load, display, and print out summary views from sets of TIFF images or internally-existing xy/image waves without needing to write code.


Once installed, the package is accessible from the Packages->Panels->Image Tools menu.

The displayed content is divided as four frames.

  • An image display window shows the currently active image
  • A control bar on the top of the main display sets the parameters in the viewing window
  • A histogram graph shows the histograms for the image being displayed.
  • Operation of the package is done using inputs on a control panel.

Image Control Bar

  • Split view to show threshold or background side-by-side to image
  • Change the image range (contrast adjustments), invert, or show as black & white
  • Change the color scale used to display the image

Main Tab

Image Display
  • Step through images that are loaded as sets using buttons to advance or go backward in the loaded sets.
  • See the image size (pixels) and bit depth.
  • View/Add notes to an image file (wave).
  • Play a movie of a stack
  • Upscale the bit depth of the image (except for the raw image)
  • Shows the positions of the marquee when drawn on the image
Information Display
  • Toggle on/off the histogram on linear and log scales as well as the cumulative and derivative histograms.
  • Scale the derivative histogram to search for positions of zero crossings (peaks in histogram).
  • Select a region of interest (RoI) to show the histograms.
  • Choose inside, outside, inside - outside, and outside - inside analysis for histogram
  • See where the RoI is in image coordinates.
  • Lock the RoI to continue using the selection tool on the image.
  • Shows the min/max in the image and in the selected RoI (if present)

Load Tab

Load TIFF(s)
  • Load a single RGB image, multiple RGB images, a folder of RGB images, or a selection of RGB images from a stack.
  • Do the same to load grayscale images.
  • Load / Convert existing xy waves to a format that can be used within the package
  • Choose to keep the source (or not), to extract any one or all of the RGB channels, and/or to create a grayscale image.

Calibrate Tab

Calibrate XY
  • Set a calibration factor for pixel, image width, or image height to apply locally or globally.
Calibrate Intensity
  • Invert, normalize (by height or flux density), and apply an equation using "I" for intensity
    Example Equations: (I^2) will square the intensity or (I < 20 ? 0 : I) will set all intensity values below 20 to zero
Remove Background
  • Select or edit points that denote the background locations
  • Apply the operation to remove a background

Process Tab

  • Apply a thresholding method to one image, each image, or all images in a stack.
Mask Image Regions
  • Use a threshold image to set the masked regions to selected values of intensity

Publish Tab

Image Layout
  • Turn on/off axes
  • Turn on/off scale bar and set its location / color
Contact Print
  • Store the image to a list to use for a contact print


  • This package has been developed for analyzing single-channel images. It may do some things correctly with RGB images or 4-stack images, however no guarantees are given for these types of images. Convert RGB or 4-stack images to grayscale or read only each individual channel accordingly.
  • This program can load image stacks (TIFF movies). That does not however mean that it will handle them all with equal efficiency. Load larger files as stacks using the selections to load only a certain range in the movie and/or to load only a certain sequence (e.g. every 10th image).


Image Tools 2.50

Project Details

Current Project Release

Image Tools 2.80

Release File: Image Tools
Version: 2.80
Version Date: Fri, 04/06/2018 - 03:11 pm
Version Major: 2
Version Patch Level: 80
OS Compatibility: Windows Mac-Intel
Release Notes:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mistake in doing Mask Operation on stack; Mask Operation now forces masked wave to end as floating point
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I would be grateful to hear from folks who find this package useful, who would like to see features added to it, or who would like to contribute to its development. Please contact me with comments here or via a direct email.




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