Format options of Axis Labels


is there an option to apply the "relative fontsize" operator to a full axis label even if there is \M used to get out of a sub- or superscript?

In the example shown in the attachment it is obvious that the \Zr125 is revoked by \M which makes sense to some point. But I guess it is intended to have it active all the time? Or is there any bracketing option to apply it to a whole line of label even if there are more format codes within?

Form my point of view it is not intuitive to reset all formatting when \M is used ...

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Modify Axis Window with relative font size option not applied to whole line after \M being used to get out of a subscript

When you apply a font definition, lock it to be the default using the \[0 escape code sequence.

\Zr125\[0T\Bg\M / \u K




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