LEEM-PEEM Analysis


LEEM-PEEM Analysis a program package to extend the image analysis tools provided by Elmitec GmbH acquisition software Uview2000 for the Low-Energy Electron Microscopy (LEEM) and Photo-Emission Electron Microscopy (PEEM) techniques. This package is freely available to the LEEM-PEEM user community considering that the authors will be pleased that the following reference be cited: Rev. Sci. Instru. 85 (2014) 043705.


  • The Graphical User Inferface (GUI) is divided into three parts. The most outfitted component concerns Elmitec GmbH Uview2000 movies (.dav) or image sequences (.dat sequence). These files are opened with a dedicated button. Vizualisation of the sequence is then possible. The built-in "Image Contrast" panel developed by Wavemetrics can be used to adjust the image rendering.
  • Standard file-handling procedures are implemented such as Extract (e.g. to select certain images of the original data and create a new movie) and Convert (to generate a .mov or a .avi movie for presentations).
  • Image processing includes polynomial background removal (Backgrnd) using Igor Pro built-in procedure.
  • Two approaches are implemented for image drift correction (Drift. Corr.). The first is based on an automated image-to-image intercorrelation. The second approach requires that the user marks/locates a given detail on the surface under consideration in different images of the sequence. The drift is then linearly interpolated between these positions and a new movie is created.
  • A particle analysis procedure (Part. Anal.) is also available. An arbitrary number of particles (i.e. black, resp. white, areas on a white, resp. black, background) are characterized (area and x, y position) as a function of the movie image number. Manual and Iterated built-in thresholding methods are implemented to detect automatically the current position of a given particle. A procedure to measure the intensity of a given region-of-interest along the image sequence is implemented (IROI). This is particularly useful for reflectivity I(V) curves.
  • The second and third components of the GUI enable to display in Igor Pro .mov movies and various types of individual images obtained from Elmitec acquisition software (.dat) or in standard formats (.tiff, .png, and .jpeg).


  •  You need Igor Pro 6.3 or higher.
  • Unpack the .zip file.
  • LEEM_Analysis2009.ipf and LEEM_Analysis2015.ipf files are global procedures. So simply move them to the 'Igor Procedures' folder or in a folder with an alias pointing to it in the 'Igor Procedures' folder.
  • All other '.ipf' files are shared procedures. Move these '.ipf' files in the 'User Procedures' folder or in a folder with an alias pointing to in in the 'User Procedures' folder.
  • Start Igor Pro. 'LEEM analysis 2009' and 'LEEM analysis 2015' items should be available in the 'Macros' menu. Choose the item according to the year release of your Uview2000 software. This creates the main panel. Enjoy !!


  • So far only 1024x1024 images and image sequences are supported.
  • This package is provided as-is without any warranty.


User interface of the LEEM-PEEM analysis package Typical configuration of the LEEM-PEEM analysis package interface

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2019-01-31 Version: Debug LEEM data block and LEEM data array issue
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