Where is the code? At present this is not public, I will release it once at least one paper using the code has been published - mostly to make sure that the code works as expected... I'm adding functions to the code on a weekly basis...

At present the code can:

  1. Initialise all needed parameters (off course)
  2. Automatically find the time-window where there are counts on the detector. This can also be tweaked.
  3. Select good data-ranges based on all variables saved. Eg. define a ROI on the detector, define a ROI in time, define ROI of mostly anything.
  4. Define ROI both globally and on a spectrum by spectrum basis (the latter requires user input)
  5. Find a curvature to straighten out curved lines.
  6. Set energy scale from spectra.
  7. Perform several consistency checks on the dataset - some automatically others by user input.
  8. Create RIXS maps from RIXSmap data.
  9. Correct for non-linear energy scales from the monochromator (requires user input)
  10. Batch-apply all settings to all spectra
  11. View data in certain ways. The user an always view them differently
  12. Sort all data on VERITAS arm energy (just to make life easy)
  13. Show all spectra in one graph with some kind of normalization applied. This is more useful than I thought...
  14. Create a "best guess" energy-scale and apply this to all spectra. This is useful to get a quick overview of all spectra with a reasonable energy scale without having to define it. This will not be correct, but it is a good guess for an overview...
  15. Much more than this...


This is a collection of functions designed to aid in creating spectra from RIXS-data from the VERITAS beamline at the MAX-IV synchrotron.

The initial release is made public so that others can benefit from the functionality offered here. It is not by any means ment to show of Igor programming skills, but rather to solve a problem with the data produced at VERITAS. This code will also work for any spectrometer generating data in similar formats - with minor changes to the code-base itself, however this is clearly written for data from VERITAS.

In the future I will attempt to clean up the code and make it more beautiful. At the moment WYSIWYG - however it works.

If you use this code please cite: Citation to be added later

If you have any feature requests or if you want to build this together with me please do not hesitate to contact me...  Functionality that benefits all I will add, functionality that benefits me I will also add, functionality that benefits only you I might add if time allows.

The initial release of this code will be made once there is publications to cite, until then the code will be tested and further developed.

At present this code is tested only under MacOS (Intel) and Igor Pro 9. It should work under windows as well as the new Mac processor, and probably for Igor Pro 8 and 7 as well. The code is provided as-is and the end user is responsible for making sure it does what it claims.

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