Special Coursework License

The special coursework license is intended to facilitate the use of Igor Pro as a teaching tool and to introduce students to Igor Pro. The coursework license is available for $125 under the following conditions:

  • The software may be used only by students and only for assigned coursework. It may not be used for research.
  • All technical support must go through a single individual who is usually the instructor/ registered licensee.

The Special Coursework Discount is available only directly from WaveMetrics.

Contact our sales department to purchase a coursework license.

We request that coursework licensees provide a brief description of their use of Igor Pro for coursework and a link to the course's web page. However, this is not required.

Coursework License Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is that $125 per student or $125 for the whole license?
A: It's $125 for the whole license.

Q: Is that $125 for one course?
A: Yes.

Q: Is that an annual license?
A: Yes. The license is valid for one year from the time of purchase.

Q: What operating systems does the license cover?
A: Both Macintosh and Windows.

Q: Can I install Igor Pro on multiple computers?
A: Yes. All we ask is that you make a good-faith effort to ensure that the license is used for coursework only.

Q: Can I install Igor Pro on a network?
A: Yes, if you have some way, formal or informal, to limit use of the license to students in the course.

Q: Can students install Igor Pro on their own machines?
A: Yes. All we ask is that you make a good-faith effort to ensure that the license is used for coursework only.

Q: What do you mean by "good-faith effort"?
A: At a minimum, explain the terms of the license to the students at the start of the course and explain that, if they want to use Igor for research, they can purchase a student or academic license.

Licenses For Research Purposes

The coursework license is intended for assigned coursework, not for research.

WaveMetrics offers an inexpensive student personal purchase copy of Igor Pro which students can purchase with their own personal funds for their own personal work when their use of Igor extends beyond assigned coursework.

We also offer flexible multi-user licenses for situations where the coursework license does not fit.




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