Student Personal Purchase Policy

This policy is intended to permit students with limited financial resources to purchase a Student License of Igor Pro.

As of Igor Pro 7, the Student License is a one-year expiring license.


  • You are currently enrolled as a student in a degree-granting program. Note: Post Doctoral researchers are not eligible to purchase a Student License.
  • You are purchasing IGOR with your own personal funds and for your own personal use.
  • You may not be reimbursed for this purchase.
  • You cannot transfer an IGOR Pro Student License.
  • You cannot upgrade an IGOR Pro Student License.
  • The IGOR Pro Student License authorizes you to install IGOR on one personal computer. We specifically prohibit installing IGOR on a lab or institution-owned computer.
  • The IGOR Pro Student License includes one year of (email only) technical support from the time of purchase.
  • A Student License will not permit you to use IGOR Pro 6. You must purchase a non-expiring Academic License if you have a need to use IGOR Pro 6.

WaveMetrics reserves the right to discontinue this policy at any time.




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