Brownian Motion Simulator

A Procedure File (BM_Simulator.ipf) for simulating a random walk and modeling Brownian Motion. The random walk is shown in a graph, as well as the mean displacement for that walk. Each random walk (called a Frame) can be repeated and the subsequent, consecutive mean displacements are also plotted (and the randomness of this series of displacements is seen in the plot). This data can then used to estimate Brownian Motion for a particle in 2-D space. Compiling the procedure places a Menu item under Macros.


Project Details

Current Project Release

Brownian Motion Simulator IGOR.6.30.x-1.2

Release File: BM_Simulator_0.ipf
Version: IGOR.6.30.x-1.2
Version Date: Fri, 11/23/2012 - 05:47 am
Version Major: 1
Version Patch Level: 2
OS Compatibility: Mac-Intel Windows
Release Notes: Changes in v1.2

-changed menu text to read "Simulate Brownian Motion"
-changed the layout of BM Panel
-added "Mean Free Path" setting. Allows user to choose a length of the mean free path the particle will take before colliding with another particle. Movement after each collision is then determined by a random, normally distributed value using gnoise and the mean free path value
-renamed "Steps" to "Collisions" to better represent the movement of a molecule/particle in solution
-renamed "Frames" to "Displacements" to better represent the final displacement of a particle after x number of collisions
-added a graph of the Track a particle makes after x number of displacements
-added labels to all graph axes
-added labels to the start and finish points of the collision path and the track path
-added contour paths to the deltaX-deltaY graph to visualize how displacements of increasing length diminishes as the length increases--this can then be seen in the Gaussian distribution to the right of this graph
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